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Hi there Dear Reader. :) My IRL name is Eden. But definitely, I'm evergreen too! Since this is an About page, I'll explain:

Have you ever gotten overwhelmed by an issue in your life? Or maybe just by Life Itself?

And you keep turning to Google or Pinterest for answers, praying they throw you a bone.

And possibly - likely - you do find bones! Jillions of bones. You end up overwhelmed by TMI.

And wondering whether it's from a well-qualified/-intentioned source... or not.

Oh yeah. Frantic googling. It's a thing.

Then there's all the input/advice you get from everyone. Well-meant or not, at the end of the day that sh*t will leave you in the fetal position.

I've been through my share of information overload. Years spent bedridden with a slow-growing but debilitating form of cancer left time for research. And research, I did!

I had time for several nutrition and wellness certifications, too, and all the best marketing, content creation, and writing material I could find.

Add to that my prolific experience as a serial sucker / snowball-ee AND my penchant for making myself a human guinea pig, and over time, I've ended up discovering a whole lot more than I ever bargained for...

I really, truly, bonafide found powerful answers to some VERY pressing questions; solutions to some very big snags. And small ones, too!

And now my goal is for you, Dear Reader - and my babies - to be able to say "I found something that works perfectly for me!” about whatever ails you, with total confidence.

I write to offer you a one-stop-freakishly-awesome-life-solution resource, to turn to when you don't know where else to turn.

I write to share my own (many!) life stories, and my own tried-and-true solutions.

I promote other writers, healers, products, and programs that offer the simplest, best remedies I've found yet, for the roadblocks we hit in so many areas of life: health and beauty, relationships, finances, career, aging, self-image, and more.

As a Certified Nutritionist, Life & Relationship Systems Expert, Cannabist (tm), Elemental Shaman, and of course, Avid Writer & Compulsive Teller of Truths (I call myself a Professional Bullshit Emancipator, teehee,) I feel like the right info fell into the right hands.

I write to make life better. Hence the Eden (noun for "paradise" or "heaven on earth.")

And keep it that way! Hence the Evergreen.

I write my true-life tales, tools, tips, and truths on Medium.com. If that sounds like your cup of (green) tea, feel free to follow.

Thanks for reading!


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